The islands of the andaman provide a serene beauty which is not found commonly in the indian mainland. If the beaches of goa and pondicherry are known for its beauty and splendor, then the islands provide a virgin experience which is still not explored.

The archipelago comprises of 500 odd islands and is located some 1500 km away from the mainland. In fact, we are closer to thailand than mainland india. This far-flung location in the middle of the bay of bengal makes the islands the ideal place to get away from all the hassle of daily life. This, along with the fact that there is less to no network connectivity in most of the islands provide the traveler with the perfect escape to just treat and pamper oneself with the sights and beauty of the andaman islands.

Port blair, the administrative capital of the islands is the sole point of entry. A short two day stay here in enough to visit the historic sights of the infamous cellular jail and the ross island settlement, which is still in pristine condition with its age-old houses and style.

For beach seekers, havelock island is the place to be with its beautiful beaches and resorts. Radhanagar beach which is the best beach in india and rated second best beach in asia by times magazine is located on this island and is one of the most visited places. Having been blessed with numerous beaches around the island, havelock is ideal to just laze around during the day and indulge in activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Neil island which is just a short distance away from havelock is also similar to it’s a bigger brother but provides a quieter experience.

Among the other islands, rutland island, cinque island, brothers island and long island are the ideal places for the yacht to anchor down having an entire island to explore. The former with its beautiful mangrove forest and coral reefs, while the latter provides quite a ’man vs wild’ adventure.

Unique to the islands in the presence of the only volcano in the indian subcontinent which is located at barren island. Tours are scheduled to this remote island and those lucky enough can even catch a glimpse of a little smoke coming out.

The islands of the andaman truly provide an experience with mystic and adventure with its history and natural beauty. From snorkeling to scuba diving, jet skiing to game fishing or just a normal walk on the beach, one should not miss out on the opportunities which only the island experience can provide. Travel is the only food which can truly fill the soul and a visit to these pristine lands is a must.